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  We are pet owners. We love pets, and we are happy to have your pets accompany you when you and your family visit Keen Lake.  
  These guidelines have been established with the most sincere intentions to provide for the safety, well-being, and enjoyment of all of our guests.  
  1. All pet eliminations/dog droppings shall be bagged and disposed of immediately and are the sole responsibility of the pet owner.  
  2. Pets should not be left unattended, particularly if their barking will annoy others.  
  3. When outside your unit, pets are to be on a short leash at all times, unless tied on a strong durable chain or rope that will not allow your pet to extend off the site/lawn in any direction.  
  4. Children are not permitted to walk pets.  
  5. We do not permit more than two pets per site, unless prior arrangements have been made, and you have received the approval of our management team in advance.  
  6. All owners should carry with them proper papers indicating vaccinations to be presented to our staff upon request.  
  7. Your guests and visitors are not permitted to bring pets.  
  8. Pets are not permitted in the office, on the beach, in the pool area, game room, movie lounge, or Red Barn, or at group activities (Working dogs such as seeing-eye dogs are exempt from this rule.)  
  9. If any pet is creating a nuisance, the pet shall immediately be removed upon the request of the Manager.  
  10. We do not permit exotic pets-so please leave tigers, lions, and such at home.  
  We will issue a verbal reminder to pet owners in non-compliance in an effort to bring the problem to our pet owner's attention. A second infraction will result in our asking the pet owner to leave Keen Lake without reimbursement.

We do not permit pets in several of our rental units. Please use the keys below to determine whether or not the location you may want to rent permits pet occupancy.


  MEET CLOVER...      

Hi, it's Ken Campbell and we just left site 101 last night.  The kids had a blast playing with friends this weekend


Clover loves the pet swimming area so much that he doesn't want to leave. In these pictures he eventually lied down in the road and a motorist thought that he got hit by a car. 

My wife had to lift him by herself and then halfway drag him to the side of the road. How ironic that the stop sign was there behind them. 
Clover is so bad that if we wanted to go back to our campsite we had to take the high road behind the office so he couldn't see the lake.  This year a fellow camper saw how he wouldn't leave and offered to put Clover in the car and drive them both back to our campsite, so Marianna took him up on the offer. 
Carbondale Veterinary Hospital
198 Canaan St
Carbondale, Pa
Ph: 570 282-0744
Cherry Ridge Veterinary Clinic PC
Wanika Road
Honesdale, Pa
Ph: 570 253-2402
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