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2017 Cottage & RV Vacation Rentals On-Site Activities 2017 Camping Rates

Value Season* The Lake Campsite rates include 2 people, 1 vehicle, 1 camping unit.
Unit Extra Value Season* 6/2 to 6/22; Prime Season Holiday The hub of summer fun at our resort, Keen Lake is the Max site occupancy limited to 4 adults or 2 adults w/4 children.
4/28 to 6/1 9/4 to 10/5 6/23 to 9/1 place for swimming, beach fun, and celebrating the
Hermit Island $210-240 $250-290 $280-320 $340 beauty of the outdoors with friends and family! Check In: 3:00 PM. Check Out: 2:00 PM.
$1825/wk Save 5% of base rate when you stay 7 nights or longer during the Prime Season.
Meadows $160-200 $200-240 $260-290 $310 Two-night minimum Extra Value Value Season Prime Season
$1675/wk Boating reservation for Season
Canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, paddleboards, row boats,
Yellow $170-200 $195-230 $230-270 $290 and more... explore the shorelines of our 90-acre lake all dates, unless April 28 - June 1 June 2 - June 22; June 23 - Aug 30
$1525/wk otherwise noted. Sept 4 - Oct 5
however you want to paddle through the water!
Schoolhouse $165-195 $185-220 $220-260 $280
$1495/wk No hook-up* $29-$34 $34-$36 $36-$39
Primrose, Laurel $155-190 $175-215 $205-255 $275 Fishing Water/Electric* $39-$45 $45-$48 $48-$51
$1465/wk For both serious anglers and the little tykes still
waiting for that first fish, dropping a line in Keen Lake Water/Electric/ $48-$54 $54-$59 $58-$63
Colonial $150-185 $170-210 $200-250 $270 is sure to produce a memory or two during your stay! Sewer/Cable**
Please note: Lakefront sites are an additional $7 per site.
Morning Glory $115-140 $130-165 $175-215 $235 *3-night minimum on all sites 7/1 to 9/5 & holiday weekends.
Pre Civil War Barn Apt. $1195/wk The Pool **3-night minimum on all sites for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day &
Hearth, Our solar-heated pool is the perfect place to relax, Columbus Day.
Haven (lakeside duplex) unwind, and cool down while soaking up some sun Holiday Rates
with your friends and family back on shore!
RV Rentals $102-122 $112-132 $160-200 $220 (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July - 3 night minimum)
$1095/wk Base/No Hook Up $160
Gravity Depot $80-95 $85-115 $130-175 $195 Hiking Trails Tent/Pop Up - Water/Electric $187
$895/wk There are few betters ways to get up close and personal
with the beauty of the Poconos than with a stroll on Water/Electric/Sewer/Cable $214
Pet Friendly Weekly Only Lakefront one of our many hiking trails on the resort.
Additional Services
June 18 to September 3: Lakefront and select rentals by the week, all
other rentals, 3-night minimum. Childrens Garden Watercraf Fees Your boat, infatable, $4 per watercraf
Holiday rentals: 3-night minimum; Budding green thumbs will fall in love with the 2 kayaks or 2 paddleboard per day
Extra Value & Value Season: 2-night minimum. discovery and wonder found in our Childrens Garden. paddleboards = 1 boat
Check in 2:00 PM. Check out 10:00 AM. A little dirt between the toes is good for the soul! Early Arrival and Subject to Availability $3 per hour
Late Departure
Rental fees based upon 4 persons.
All Keen Lake Rentals are No Smoking Units Playgrounds Additional Persons
Holiday rentals - 3 night minimum (Add $20 per night to daily rate) The kids will spend hours climbing and exploring all Please inform your guests prior to their arrvial that guest fees are required for entrance.
Weekly rates available at Prime weekly rate minus 25%. the fun elements of our on-site playgrounds. And no No guest check-ins afer 10:00 PM. We reserve the right to limit guests.
Tax charged on applicable units. one will judge you for taking a swing yourself! Persons who arrive in Children (Ages 5 to 17) $3.00
Additional Services the same vehicle Senior Citizens (63+) $6.00
Adults (18-62)
Addtional Persons $10 per person/daily Persons who arrive in Day Guest (5+) $6.00
(See unit max occupancy) $50 per person per From casual pickup games to the scheduled shootouts a separate vehicle (must depart by 10 p.m.)
No fees for children 4 and under week on our calendar, our basketball is sure to be a slam Overnight Guest $12.00
dunk with ballers of all skill levels!
Docking fees (your boat, kayak, infatable) FREE
Camping Specials
Pets - two per unit max $50 per pet Volleyball Gas Saver: Stay any two consecutive weekends April 29 to June 19, and Labor Day to
Security Deposit $200 Sliding in the sand and spiking the perfect setup Columbus Day. Leave your trailer unoccupied and unplugged on site FREE on weekdays.
One special saving per visit.
is what makes volleyball the perfect summer team
If bringing pets, add $50 to security deposit activity. Our court is sure to serve up a good time! (Gas Saver availability limited. Excludes lakefront sites. Please inquire.)
Military Discount at Keen Lake
Reservation/Cancellation Policy 5% savings for all service persons, active or retired. Military ID required.
Shufeboards & Horseshoe Pit
Reservations accepted with 1/2 deposit upon booking; Pets
balance to be paid 30 days prior to check in. Two campground classics, our shuffleboard courts and We permit a max. of 2 pets per site. Please visit our website or ask for pet guidelines.
horseshoe pits are always gathering places for friends
and family seeking a little friendly competition!
Personal checks accepted with all payments received 30 days prior to Proper notice required for cancellation or reducing days reserved.
check in. ATM on premises. 14 days notifcation for refund of deposit, less $10 service fee per site.
Cancellations recieved more than 90 days prior to check in will receive The Red Barn 8-13 days notifcation for credit applied to current season only, less $10 rebooking fee.
7 day notifcation for reducing days reserved.
a refund of initial deposit minus $50 cancellation fee. The many events and activities on our calendar means
that the Red Barn is a frequent destination for families
Cancellations received with notice less than 90 days will result in to gather and celebrate being at Keen Lake together! No refunds for early departure/or inclement weather.
forfeiture of deposit. We reserve the right to substitute sites of equal hook-ups.
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